The Association - History

History of l’Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique

This page traces the history of the events that led to the creation of the Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique (Proulx Family Association of America) following the grand gathering of Proulx families held in Rimouski in the summer of 1996.

Rimouski’s family gathering in 1996.

In 1996, for the 300th birthday of Rimouski city, a temporary comitee was created with the goal of creating a Proulx’s families association. This comitee was created with 13 persons with 7 of them being outside the near area and 4 outside Québec province.

All the efforts put in the big july 1996 Proulx’s family rally drained the energy of volunteer and many did not feel to board in this new adventure.

Then, the flame renewed by itself. Some members from the 1996 edition re-acquainted and what was once a dream came true in 2004…

2005 Activity report

The desire from certain members of the temporary committee to revive the project of reuniting Proulx’s families together to create an association marked year 2005.

In year 2004, administrators worked hard to mobilize volunteers to reach that goal and assisted many unofficial meetings.

Unofficial discussions paved the way to a coherent action plan. We analyzed all the process of creating an Association. We’ve also discussed the step-by- step process for our incorporation. We’ve had many interrogations on how to choose the Association name. Creating a website dedicated for the Association was also a challenge.

Transition committee met on November 23rd 2005. Official resume of the future association for the period of November 1st 1996 to November 23rd 2005 is unanimously adopted. Bank account balance was 5509,69$

Using the great work of Antonin Proulx on different Proulx ancestor that were productive in creating big families and descendants of the Nouvelle-France, the committee, after deliberations, decided unanimously to retain the following social denomination; Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique.

Our treasurer, Langis Proulx, filled a request to search for the social denomination to L’Inspecteur génétal des institutions financières du Gouvernement du Québec on December 8th 2005.

It has been the first legal step in the goal of building our Association.

2006 activity report:

January 6th 2006, the transition comitee secretary submitted a request to reserve the name: Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique considering the positive feedback. The request was sent to the Registraire des Entreprises, Direction des entreprises, Gouvernement du Québec

The transition committee met at Résidence Lionel Roy, Rimouski on march 24th 2006. It proceeded to request the creation of the Nonprofit association.

M. Joseph Proulx, Martin Proulx and Langis Proulx were the official requestee for Our Patent Letter.

Other requestee were also: Serge Proulx, Jeanine Proulx, Lucette Proulx-Lepage, Nicole Proulx, Christiane Brisson, Claude Brisson and Jean-Paul Guévin.

Our Head Ofiice will be in Rimouski, Québec

The first administrators were : Joseph Proulx, Martin Proulx, Langis Proulx, Serge Proulx, Jeanine Proulx, Lucette Proulx/Lepage, Nicole Proulx, Christiane Brisson.

Our Association maximum bank account limit: 500 000$.

Our mission and goals in our request were listed as: “General rules” and were distributed to all good standing members.

Our request was officiated and shipped on April 28th 2006. Our patent letter is dated as may 12th 2006.

The Association selected La Caisse Populaire de St-Anaclet for our bank account.

2007 Activity report

No official meetings were held thru year 2007. Administrators had unofficial meetings and discussed off record for ideas on general rules and things to do for the website, hosting, coat of arms, subscription fees, recruitment of members and ways to publish a newspaper. Also, discussed the organization and ways of calling a yearly general meeting.

2008 activity report

Your administrators had 6 meetings during the 2008 period, held at Résidence Lionel Roy in Rimouski. The two main goals were the General rules and the calling of an annual general meeting.

The General Rules were completed at the meeting of the Rules Committee on august 21st 2008. The content was revised by Miss Georgette Lévesque and Mr. Pierre Proulx. On September 10th 2008, after review, the administrators accepted and prepared to present it at the 2008 general meeting.

All 2008 meetings were directed at the organization of the first annual meeting.

All the problems encountered around the building of our website were finally eliminated after M. Gilles Proulx offered to host and build our website on his webserver at Another item finished on our checklist.

The intellectual propriety of our coat of arm question was concluded on September 10th 2008 by the donation of that propriety from Mme Lucette Proulx-Lepage who owned the coat of arm symbol.

Banner and metal pins were created for the annual meeting.

Here’s a brief history of what was done. We strongly wish that the Association des Familles Proulx d’Amérique act as a meeting point for the Proulx surname descendants and also wishes more people join the Association to enrich and energize it.


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