Langis Proulx - (2008 - 2011)

Langis Proulx

Langis Proulx, President from 2008 à 2011

Langis Proulx

L’Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique’s first President.


My story begins in 1996, back then, City of Rimouski celebrate their 300th birthday. It is then asked to a dozen of local pioneer families to prepare a weekly week-end gathering all summer long. I was then approached to create a temporary committee of 13 members. In the big Saguenay flood, we’ve received more than a thousand Proulx’s descendants. It was a success all the way down. Our bank account showed a balance of 6000$, the three-day gathering profit of their presence.

It’s only ten years later that the flame is revive in this adventure but this time, it was to create an association. As I kept all the money collected from our events in 1996, we had a head start financially. A plan comprehensive plan of actions was established after constructive discussions. All aspects of the creation of an Association is discussed. Searching for an official name for this new association brings interrogations. Finally, discussions lead to choose a name that unite all the descendants from different Proulx ancestors in Canada and abroad, from bloodline or union. We request a new chart and receive our incorporation in May 2006. We’ve then prepared the Association statutes and rules. Our new adopted coat of arms was adopted and protected by copyright on December 1st 2008.

Our first meeting, officially creating the Association was held on september 27th 2008. The Association is a registered non-profit organization and affiliated to Fédération des Familles Souches du Québec (now Fédération des associations de familles du Québec). I was president for four years and replaced by Mr Clément Proulx from St-Anaclet, Québec in october of 2011. I wish to grant posthumously a tribute to Mr Jean-Paul Gauvin for his dedicated work and great collaboration during this long process of creating this Association. He was an administrator of the Société de Généalogie et d’histoire de Rimouski and his knowledge greatly eased our work.

In conclusion, I wish long life to our young Association in this ancestry timeline, it may be young but made giant leaps in a short period. I’ve seen new administrators appointed in those past years that made me believe that we’ll always be passionate of genealogy. Let’s continue in building Québec’s tomorrow.

Langis Proulx, board member.

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