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Bernard Proulx, a descendant of Jean & Jacquette Fournier, is native of Percé, Qué; He has been performing for over thirty years on various stages in Quebec and France: festivals, song boxes, bistros, houses of culture and cafés-theaters.
Bernard Proulx continues his journey with his words and his guitar, “always refusing to take himself seriously and fucking people of good contract, good advice”, as one of his songs says …
Fortunately there still exist, in our uniformed world, bards and troubadours like him to sing the joys, the miseries and the exploits of the little people.

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Le Chemin le plus long (The Longest Way)

Preface by Raymond Lévesque.
Literature Collection
In “Le Chemin le plus long”, Bernard Proulx presents the texts of the songs of his last two albums as well as the lyrics of a score of unrecorded songs.
The compact disc accompanying this collection is his latest album. The third. The twelve songs that are engraved reveal a songwriter with a warm and serious voice who knows how to combine realism, sensitivity, spirit and frankness.
Inspired by the daily and his ome region, Bernard Proulx says “the real things with the real words of the real world”. His poetry rhymes with authenticity and sincerity; It is “frank as the wave and sometimes as salty as it”.

News from the media
“[It] is a magnificent example of fidelity to oneself, the value of the text, the poetry of words, the flavor of the roots.
Hélène Pelletier-Baillargeon
“Bernard invites you to the happy and rare neighborhood of humor and poetry. ”     George Dor (1995)

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