Our Annual General Meeting was held at the Hotel Bernière in Lévis, QC on September 10, 2016. At this AGM, we welcomed a new director Mr. Charles-Eugène Proulx of Montmagny. He succeeded Mrs. Georgette Lévesque who had been a director since the very beginning of our association in September 2008. Two other directors Langis and Florian Proulx were reconfirmed as director . Following the AGM, the new Directors met to appoint the new Executive Committee and endorse the 2016-2017 program of activities. Mr. Florian Proulx was designated president of our association, Mr. Jean-Pierre Proulx vice-president, Mr. Clément Proulx, treasurer and Ms. Christiane Brisson secretary. After the meeting, all members who wished to attend could visit the ‘Forts-de-Lévis’ National Historic Site for a guided tour.

As was foreseen in our 2016-2017 plan, we held two regular meetings during the year, – February 11 and June 20, 2017 -. We also published two “Figure of Prou” our newspaper which is now deposited at Library and Archives Canada and at the Quebec BAnQ. Otherwise, the ‘Fédération des Associations de Familles du Québec’ did not hold its annual fair in Lévis last February due to a precarious financial situation. However, it seems that the future is more promising as a revival of this activity is scheduled for next October 28 and 29.

In order to protect our financial assets, it was ratified at this meeting that there would be a slight increase in the regular membership card from $ 20 to $ 25 and that this decision would come into effect only on our fiscal year 2017 -2018.

Finally, we can not skip the wonderful touring to the land of our ancestors Proulx from May 15 to 25. We crossed the “Proulx’s Pentagon”, a loop to each places where five of the six Proulx ancestors left during the 17th century: Jean-Baptiste (Vertou), Pierre (Curzon), Jacques (Gournay), Jean de Neuville (Poitiers) and Jean de Montmagny (Distré). Unfortunately, the birthplace of René, arrived in Deschambault, QC lately in the 19th century, has not yet been traced. This “pentagon” is part of a triangle of three major cities in western France: Nantes, La Rochelle and Poitiers, which were visited in addition to some noteworthy patrimonial places. (Ref. Text by Jean-Pierre Proulx to the 13 potential travelers for France).

All in all, we had major transformations during our last year of activities for our association. Our directors are dynamic and creative, which makes our movement one of the most energetic in its entirety.

Long live our association!

These are the activities that took place in the year 2016-2017 of our association.

Langis Proulx, Director of the AFPA   August the third, 2017

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